Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Get to know B

B is growing...and fast.

Here are some of his likes:

*Slides- he goes up them and down them. The face he makes is hilarious when going down them.

*Swings- he loves to look at the sky while he swings.

*Woodchips- he seriously will play with them for 20 minutes straight.

*Tunnels- if a park has a tunnel then it's alright by B.

*Rogue - They are BFF's. He feeds her and she loves food. It's a match made in heaven.

*Stairs - he loves to climb the stairs. He has now figured out the huggies box I have as a gate is very easy to move. It's been a rough week with that one.

*Cars - he loves to play with anything that has wheels.

*Music - he loves to bop and bang on his drum.

*Strawberries- its the only food he doesn't share with Rogue.

Things that I love about B:

*When he puts his little head on my chest. He only does it every now and then he is so not a cuddler. When he does it im like awhhhhhh.

*The way he crawls with his head down. He sort of looks like a rushing bull. He has ran into the wall and cabinets.

*His laugh and smile.

*He always shares his cheerios with me.

*His lil' butt and feet when he is escaping out of the dog door.

*The way he looks at random strangers when they tell him he is such a cute boy. He gives them a look of disgust. See picture:

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