Friday, February 17, 2012

Lil' Mrs. Crafty!

Ohhh I have been busy in blog land but just not over on this blog:(  I now have TWO blogs to keep up with!  I started a new craft blog! It's been fun and I've been learning alot! You can check it out here:


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Happy Friday! OH and I turned 25 week this week!! YAY! I plan on snapping a picture soon. After I get my hair done this afternoon:)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

B's Craiglist Score

J found a sweet deal on a train table this morning. So him and B went to look it at. We now have a huge train table in middle of the playroom. He LOVES it. Look at those smiles. It can stay anywhere he wants if he flashes those cute little smiles my way. We are going to move it into his room once we move one of his dressers into Ryan's new room.

I started a new craft blog today. I haven't done any posts yet but I will be sure to link it up when it's ready for visitors. I have been doing some crafts and I wanted to share how I did them. Be sure to look for it soon:)

Happy Saturday.