Monday, October 11, 2010

B's surgery story (long)

I love fall. I love fall almost as much as I love summer. I haven't wrote in a while but I have been so busy chasing Mr. B around and he loves to play. So we have been playing:) This post is about B's surgery. I only write all the details if there are any other mom's that have to go through the same thing and for family. They have been wanting details but that whole week was kind of draining.

Let's rewind a few months:
In August, B had his kindey removed. We had to stay 4 days in the LA Children's hospital. Tuesday, August 24th was the day of his surgery. We had to get there by 5:30, his surgery was scheduled at 8. We waited in 8 different waiting rooms that day. I counted. I was pretty calm the whole morning until they put us in the Pre-op room. They gave B some purple juice and that really made him calm. I think I needed some. We held him until it was time for him to go. We walked with him down the hallway when they told us this is where we take him. That's when the tears started flowing. Then we were escorted down to stay in another waiting room. Where we waited for 4 hours. Finally, they said we could come up. Only to be put in a smaller "conference" room (the final waiting room of the day). The doctor came in and told us everything went well after he left we waited there for an hour and half until I started to get too anxious. I wanted to see my B. So I inched my way to the one...went out into the one. So I just decided I would have to just go into the recovery area. There he was! I heard his little cry. He was still trying to wake up. He had a catheter, Iv and heart monitors all attached. The nurse seemed a little upset that I just came in but I *politely* told her we were left in a conference room for over an hour with no updates. So she let us sit back there until we got a room. We were able to hold him. We got to our room. It really wasn't much of a room. We had to share with a 11 year old girl. She had the majority of the room with her own private bathroom. We basically had a corner of that room. It was big enough for his crib and a recliner. I wasn't expecting deluxe accomidations but access to a bathroom would of been nice. Especially because we really couldn't leave him without him melting down. That night was pretty rough. He was uncomfortable and didn't sleep. He just wanted to be held. J told me to go back to the hotel so I could take over in the morning. That's how we got through it. J took nights and I took days.

Oh this is a fun story. So I make it back to the hotel. By now its close to 10pm. I go to our room. The key doesn't work. I try it again...nothing. I call J to make sure I got the right room. He said yes. I start to hear voices coming from our room. Im like HUH? So I go down to reception. Here is the conversation:
Me: Yah, Im staying in 826 and my key isn't working.
Check in Guy: Let me check your key. *checks key* Oh you were checked out this morning.
Me: BY WHO?!?!?!?!!?!?!
Guy: The manager. The maid called and said there were no bags in the room so they checked you out.
ME: WHAT???? Since when do I have to leave bags in the room that I have a reservation for??? The reason why we had no bags in the room is because my son had surgery today. We took everything because we didn't know what our situation was going to be like at the hospital.
Guy: Oh I am sorry about that.
Me: Well I need another room. We did have a reservation for this room.
Guy: *checks reservation* oh yes I see you did. We don't have any rooms available tonight except 1 smoking room.
Me: WHAT???!??!?SDpuOIUOIFDHFLKJDHSKJAIOSD (vein in neck blows) You better find me a room. This is your managers fault, he should of called our number before cancelling our rooms. (Im sure I said some other things to which I am not proud of).
Guy: Let me see what I can do (has the look of fear all over face) Go sit down and I will try to work things out. *comes back* I found a non-smoking room for you and I have comp you two breakfasts. Sorry about that. Would you like to help me with your bags?
Me: Thank you. No.
Go to elevator... started crying. Everybody on elevator gives me a "awhhh poor thing" look.
So I finally made it to our new room. Tried to sleep and couldn't. Decided at 4 to just go back to the hospital so J could at least get some sleep. Of course I left a note on the bed: Yes, I know, there are NO BAGS...Please don't CHECK US OUT. Thank you.
Wednesday, August 25th:
Make it back to hospital. J said it was a rough night and he didn't really sleep. He left and I took over. He was pretty much miserable the whole day. His bowels were backed up. Our neighbor was really loud that every time he started to go to sleep there would be a noise. She had a TON of visitors. So at about 5pm I had enough. She had two of her friends visiting her and it was so loud. So I skyped my mom so she could see what was going on. She was mad about 5 minutes in. So she started calling the hospital to complain and I started complaining to the nurse. Finally, at about 8 p.m. and a couple of run in's with the rude charge nurse later we got switched. The room was quiet. We still only had a corner but it was a quiet corner. That night the doctor came in and was a little concerned. They thought bowel obstruction. So they did xrays and blood work. It was the worse night. He was so uncomfortable and so afraid of the nurses. Everything came back normal. The doctor said it was something called sleepy bowel. They would have to do suppositories until it woke back up. J finally arrived at the hospital around 9. I was happy to see him. We said hi and I left to go back to the room.
Thursday, August 26th
I arrived at the hospial at 7 to a happy baby. J said that he finally got some sleep. J left to go back to the hotel. B wanted to play. So we went to the playroom for a while. They had a toy closet where we could borrow toys/dvds for the room. So we brought back a ton of toys and a wiggles dvd. He loved the wiggles dvd. We had it on loop the whole day and I think I know every one of their songs by heart. He was pretty much back to normal on Thursday. They wouldn't let him eat so he seemed kind of bummed about that. Later that day, we went on a wagon ride throughout the hospital. He loved getting out and they had a nice garden area to stroll around in. J came back around 7:30 that night and I left to go back to the hotel. It was a very good day.
Friday, August 27th.
The doctor took out the catheter and said we could leave once he went number 1. So we waited and waited. We went on another wagon ride. Waited some more. When we got back to the room, he went! We were discharged around 10:30 and went home!

He is now a very happy baby and part of the O.K. club (one kidney club). We are so glad to have it all pretty much behind us.

We had his 1 month check-up a few weeks ago. The doctor said everything looks ok but there is swelling in the right kidney. He said there is Hydronephrosis in the right kidney but it is very mild. He said B should out grow it. He wants us to come back in 3 months to check on the swelling.
Not exactly what we wanted to hear but the doctor seemed pretty optimistic about this not being a issue.

That's our surgery story. :)

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