Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Clean sheets

So my back went out Saturday night. It really stunk. I was on a really good workout kick and BOOM. Done. ON YO BACK. Anyways, yesterday I was feeling better and decided I was going to do the laundry. It's quite a task when your back is out let me tell you. So J got home last night and I was so excited. I was like I did the laundry!! I cleaned our sheets and my big comfy comforter. We put the sheets on the bed and got all snuggly in the bed. SOOO NICE. I love sheets right out of the dryer. Just as we were settling in our little pug jumps on the bed all crazy like and starts bouncing around spaztasically. Then it hit us. The most awful horrible smell I have ever smelled. Rogue had poo ALL over her paws, rear, and tail. There it was all over my white comforter Poo Paw marks. I start screaming/gagging she jumps off the bed and ran down the stairs. J jumps out of bed chasing after her. He is yelling all the way down "I NEED HELP". I am yelling behind him "but my comforter". Thinking it was all a fun game Rogue was running around the kitchen table until we finally cornered her. J ended up giving her a bath and I got to change the sheets again and clean the floor.

Brendan Update:
We went to the doctor for the results. His left kidney is functioning at 9% so we will be removing it. His surgery is scheduled for June 29th. :( Will keep you posted!

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