Monday, February 9, 2009


Hello, Hello!!!

Woah! It's been a crazy week! We have gone through closets...under beds...more closets. Let's just say after 4 years... we accumulated alot of stuff! Which I think is one of the benefits of moving. It forces you to go through it all and get rid of it! Today is suppose to be "get all my errands done" day's snowing like CRAZY!! Ah, well....I will brave the weather and do it... I only have one more week before I done with snow!!!!! YAY!

Friday was my last day at work:( It was very sad. I will miss everyone there. I've had so many great experiences and learned so much! It was sad to say goodbye to all the kids. I had 3 parties:)

We have our last baby appointment before we leave for cali on the 17th. They are going to take another look to make sure it's a boy. I will keep you posted:)

Other than that, we have just been cleaning and getting ready for the move. We have to pack up our car by tomm. with everything we want to bring with us. The movers will be here Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Which means I won't have cable by Wednesday! what am I suppose to do!!?! I guess read.

Ohhh! I am on Skype now. It's so fun. If you have it my name is victoria-grant. Look me up! It was fun I talked to my grandma and grandpa for like an hour. It was like I had a visit:)

Anyways, just wanted to give you an update. Talk to you soon!!! :D Tori

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