Thursday, May 15, 2008

Kind of new at this...

Well...out of sheer boredom I start my own blog. I did this mainly because I feel that I'm so disconnected from all my family being so far away. I want them to experience a little bit of our life in the Grant household.

We are looking forward to so much in the next month. We are going on a cruise to the Mexican Rivera with our friends Matt and Veronica. I can't wait to see them. They moved away to Ohio last year. Then after we are going to stay three nights in Vegas at the Palms! fun fun!
V-ron and I last year

So in our pursuit to look fabulous on the cruise...we have been WORKIN out! Almost every far both J and I have lost 9lbs. Pretty sexy huh. Ya I thought so too. OMG we finally broke down and order pizza last was the best pizza I ever had. Ohhh it was so good i'm still thinking about it today.
Anyway, my sister Megan will be moving here in June. I am so excited to have her! I am planning all kinds of fun stuff for the summer! We are going to have a TON of fun. Oh and BTW...Birthday wishes to Meg...she turns 22 this Saturday!! Yay!

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