Thursday, May 22, 2008


Well my vacation make-over is just about complete. Fake hair, fake color, fake nails, and a fake tan. The only thing I'm missing is the fake boobs. Ah well. I went to dye my hair tonight. She turned it black. It's a huge change. I like change. I don't think my students will like it. Oh well they will only have to look at me for another week. :)

I'm going to miss my little students. It has been a great class this year. All of them are just so sweet, fun and super smart little kids. I hate to see them go on to the next grade. I am already getting misty-eyed for the last day of school!!! I'm making them a DVD slide show of the year and summer care package. Another craft to add to my already crazy schedule. Well to leave you with a laugh here are some fun things my students have said over the year:

We were studying insects and one student had a report on the 'stick bug'. So I asked a general question "Does the stick bug have any enemies?" One student raised his hand and said "Yes Mrs. Grant, termites"

A few weeks ago, I was going over a review of the year in science. I asked "Does anyone remember the Water Cycle?" One student raised his hand and said "Yes!! I do" all excited to tell me the answer. He goes "It's evaporation, constipation, precipitation!" Of course he thought that was right so I chuckled and said "You mean condensation!"

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Meryl said...

I can't wait to see the vacation pictures.