Thursday, August 25, 2011



That kid had a great birthday party.

I'm pretty proud of my cupcake skillz. I totally fail at cupcake making but these turned out pretty good. Way to go me.

We went to a local bounce house place and all his friends came. At one point I think he became delirious because of all the excitement. He just started running around in circles. It was a good time.

We have been doing well here! I went to Vegas with my friend Gina last week! We had no husbands and no babies!! We went for our birthday's and it was so nice to get away! Seriously, it took me like a whole day to get out of mommy mode. It took me three whole days to get back into it. We met alot of crazy people. It was so fun to people watch. People are bit crazy in Vegas. We met a cop from New Jersey who liked to make it rain...napkins. The cocktail waitress were like ohhhh here he goes again.

A year ago today B was in the hospital getting his kidney removed. Crazy what a year makes. He is doing great but we still have to go back to the doctor on Friday. They want to fix some plumbing issues down there. I am really not ready to put him through surgery all over again. So we will see what the doctor has to say!

My 29th birthday was this Tuesday! It was wierd because I couldn't remember what I did last year. I could remember my 27th but not my 28th. I seriously thought about it most of the day and finally I saw a "year ago" post from facebook!(sad I know) That's because we were taking B into surgery!! My mind erased that day from memory. Kinda wierd how that works. My birthday this year was better! J surprised me with flowers, take-out, and cake. It was pretty good:).I probably won't mind forgetting next year's birthday;)

That's all for now.

It's almost nap time.


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