Sunday, February 7, 2010

Me being Crafty

Well...It's been forever since I have updated my blog! We have been doing great. Chugging along. We go to LA on Tuesday to get a kidney update. I am really hoping that everything is still fine. It was so good to get that news in December it was like a weight lifted off of our shoulders. Now I'm finding as it is getting closer to Tuesday that weight is getting heavier.
Brendan is really doing great. He is sitting pretty well by himself. He is still trying to find his balance. His little personality is shining through. He is somewhat shy. When people say hello to him he will smile but then look down. When playing with other babies he sort of just observes or stares at them. When he is home with us he is quite the nut. He loves to bounce in his jumperoo and Jeremy can get him laughing. His new thing is making all kind of wierd sounds. I swear he has said MAMA. J thinks Im just hearing things!
I've been keeping busy as well. I have made a lot of great new friends in the area. It's so nice to get together with them!! I have also been doing alot of crafty things! I have made Brendan a little lovey. He likes to pull on the tabs. I have also made this "G" for the kitchen. The new valance for the kitchen window. New vinyls placed above the door.
I will leave you with some really cute pics of B!!

Brendan loves his Daddy, Nikes, and PEAS!

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