Monday, August 17, 2009

Brendan is a whole month old!

Today is Brendan's 1 month update :) He is getting so big and growing every day. A few new things he is doing:

  • Starting to lift his head way up during his 'tummy time'

  • smiles randomly when you talk to him (it could be gas but I think he really smiles)

  • talking to himself before he goes to sleep at night (well he makes little sounds)

  • looks at toys, people and other things that get in his face. :)

We have had one crazy fun-filled month. If I wrote everything that went down this month you would be reading FOREVER! I just want to thank our family for helping us! It was so nice! I PLAN on writing more often in the blog to keep you up to date!

Enjoy a new freshly taken pic of the B-man:

and here is another one with Daddy:

He looks thrilled.

Anyways, will write soon:D


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