Tuesday, June 9, 2009

30 is the magic number


We have had some crazy times here in good ol' Santa Maria. J's Squadron put on a picnic not too long ago. Fun stuff. J was entered in a pie eating contest. He won. His new nickame "Captain Peaches". Enjoy the pics, I enjoyed taking them.
Starting the contest

"The winner"

J has also joined a bowling team with a few guys from his office. He is really getting into the whole bowling thing...he has shoes and a ball now. He is pretty good at it. He is in a summer league and his games are on Thursday. I go down and cheer them on...Im kinda like their unofficial pregnant cheerleader. Quite cute I must say. I've been trying to come up with a name for their team...right now they are known as "TEAM 11" (snooze). Here is a pic of J and his team.

I am now in week 30 people! WEEK 30!! Whoohoo. It is now in countdown status...(okay not really) but for me it is! The belly is cute. He kicks ALL the time. I don't think he sleeps or if he does sleep he might have a twitching leg problem that just constantly kicks me in various places. Either way...he is very active. People keep telling me "oh he is active now, that means he is going to be way active when he gets here" Well I think it means the opposite. He will have tuckered his little self out by the time he gets here he will be sleeping through the night in the first week. Hey, a girl can dream can't she. Anyways, we are excited...J and I will be getting our knowledge on in the month of June. We have signed up for Infant CPR, breastfeeding and infant care. :) We hope it will teach us something

I had to go and do a 2nd glucose test the other day...Those are not too fun. It's not the juice...the blood...it's like a combination of EVERYTHING... I had to fast for 12 hours before the test... FAST...I knew it was going to be a long day when I woke up and I was already hungry...then you have drink a bunch of this orange stuff...not as bad as I thought...I just gulped it as fast as I could. THEN it begins....the headache, your stomach hurts...then you realize it's only been 30 minutes and you have 2 1/2 hours to go! After the first hour I was feeling better and the nurses were all super nice and let me hang out in the back with them. After the fourth time of having my blood drawn that day and three hours later, I was pretty dizzy and out of it. J picked me up and took me to a buffet:) Mm food.
At the lab....2 hours into the test.

Here are some new "30 week" pictures that I made J take of me:) He doesn't like to be my photographer. I tell him it's his duty. I like how I still pose in my "skinny" position even though Im preggers. It's natural now. All of my poses are like that. Makes me feel skinny.

My doctor told me my belly was too small for how far long I am. So I had to do an ultrasound today. Everything is fine! He is right around 4lbs, where he should be.
On to other things...to complete my blog about 30. Jeremy is turning 30 this week!!!! Whoohoo. His co-workers set up a party at the bowling alley for him and Im getting him a cake. Should be good times. On the night of his birthday he wants me to make chicken tacos and have a movie marathon on the couch. It has to be a least 2 movies. I want to watch the first season of true blood but that will be a no go. Whateve.

Anyways, that's all for now.

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Journey to Baby Y said...

you just lived my worst fear, the 3 hr glucose test... you can't do a thing about failing either. BLAH!!! i think your little one has restless leg syndrome. my little girl is moving lots today, she must like japanese food!! glad everything is perfect. your belly IS tiny, lucky!!! less to lose! i need to find you on facebook, how?