Saturday, November 1, 2008

California here we come...

Well the wait is finally over. We have found out that we will be heading to Vandenberg AFB, CA. At first this news came as shock...I was really hoping for something closer to the east coast. The more I think about it the better I feel. I mean they really can't move us any farther west next time we move. We have been looking at houses in the area and will be meeting with an agent in November. I've heard that it is in the middle of wine country. The weather stays at 70 degrees year round and it has a beach so I really can't complain. :) Here is a link to the town

Rogue was a bumblebee. (Lola did not like her costume, she was a pig)

Anywho, I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! We did. Besides the fact that I was sick and couldn't really talk (yes, again). We decided to channel our inner nerd and goes as the Hogwartz crew. Jeremy went as Harry Potter and I as Hermione. Our costumes turned out really cute. J even entered a costume contest at work and won for his building. Now that my camera has been repaired I can post pictures!

October was also Kalun and Zahira's wedding. We had a great time! The wedding was at the Wynn and it was very pretty! The bachelorette party Amy and I planned turned out amazing! All the girls had a great time!

The Bridesmaids

The Wedding Party

The Wedding

Bachelorette Party

Shawanda and I!

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