Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Now what I have been up to!

Hello again!

I feel like I have been going since we got back from the trip. After the trip, my family came to visit. On Friday, we went white-water rafting. That was an adventure! The river was flowing very fast because of all the snow melt. I just screamed the entire time we hit any rapids and just held on. We had the stinky hippy guy take us down the river. He was an excellent raft guide just smelly. "It's a way of life" he said.

All of us on our raft.

My sister is here now! We have been having a great time. We went on a hike with my friends up to Waterfall Canyon. OH MY! Now I thought I was in pretty good shape...but this hike kicked our butts! It was a steep incline all the way to the waterfall. When we got to the waterfall we all screamed "WE MADE IT"!! It was a good time.

Amy, Megan, Zahira, & Me

I have also been catching up on my reading. I started the book "Twilight". I read it in less than a day. It was that good! I loved it. So then I had to read it's sequel "New Moon" and now I'm on the third book. It is such a great love story with vampires and werewolves!

I have also been working on my cooking. Oh yes! I have turned into quite the little homemaker. Last night I made lemon-peppered pork chops with veggies. It turned out yummy. I love summer. I get to catch up on everything I like to do!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer. We are heading to Pittsburgh next week to see all of J's family. I'm looking forward to spending 4th of July with all of them!

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